3-phase Inverter with Cycloverter operating off Overhead Catenary

Power Range – 5.6 kW to 180 kW

Output: 3-phase ac at 400 Vac 50 or 60 Hz (380 and 480 volts available)

Features The SCHAFFLER inverter is a compact, programmable silent and light weight product designed especially for rail rolling stock applications

Schaffler are supplying 180 kVA Cycloverter + inverter for GE Energy where the supply originates from the 50 kV ac rail overhead catenary. The inverter accepts 500 Vac single phase and reflects unity power factor to the supply. The system uses and active front end inverter that can accept a single phase supply with variation +25%, -30%. The active front end inverter supplies a fixed 700 Vdc to the 3-phase inverter input. The inverter is made up of three 60 kW inverters that are interleaved to create one sinusoidal output that has better than 3% harmonic content. The system is liquid cooled and very compact in size and weight.

The inverter operates at 50 or 60 Hz and the outstanding feature of the inverter is “Cycle by Cycle Current limiting at the Switching Frequency” that allows motors to be direct-on-line started while the inverter is operating at full voltage and frequency. Variable frequency controlled output is also available

Battery chargers for London Underground

Schaffler are supplying 120 kW Intelligent Battery Chargers for 14 service locomotives used in the London Underground. The supply to the battery chargers is from the 750 Vdc 3rd rail. The battery voltage is 700 Vdc. The battery chargers are liquid cooled and very compact in both size and weight.
Schaffler manufacture a world leading intelligent battery chargers (sometimes known as IUIU) for locomotives, DMUs and EMUs.

February 2012 – dc:dc converter launch

Launch of new dc:dc converter using the LLC resonant frequency converter. Efficiency achieved is 96%. Schaffler have coined the word DCformer for this product range.

The DCformer are all galvanically isolated can operate. There are various models.

74 Vdc or 110 Vdc for powering single phase and three phase inverters. The DCformer can also be used to provide 24 Vdc at 100 amps for locomotive control equipment

Other models can accept 750 Vdc from 3rd rail dc supplies. These models have a range from 500 to 1200 Vdc and produces a constant 700 Vdc that is ideal for powering 3-phase inverters. Liquid cooling is used for power ratings from 30 kW upwards.

February 2012 – Schaffler wins orders

Schaffler wins order from GE Transportation for intelligent battery chargers for their new locomotives for Europe. The battery chargers will be 8 kW and will be totally enclosed naturally ventilated. Schaffler have also won the order for 4 kW single phase inverters for the same locomotives. These inverters are for the driver’s cab loads.

February 2012 – New phase inverters

Schaffler launches its new single phase and three phase inverters at 9 kW, 14 kW and 18 kW operating off 74 Vdc. The inverter uses cycle by cycle current limiting at the switching frequency and allows for direct-on-line staring of induction motors.

February 2012 – New York Air Brake design completed

Schaffler completes the design of the New York Air Brake TPC braking system for controlling the brakes on up to 300 wagons behind three locomotives. Production has now started.

September 2011 – Slip/side control patent approved

Schaffler’s patent approved for Slip/slide control with predictive wheel diameter compensation using ac inverter traction. The product is designed for CO-CO locomotives.

August 2011 – New Intelligent battery charger launched

A new intelligent battery charger launched. Sometimes referred to as IUIU. Automatically provides constant current, constant voltage, trickle charge and dV/dt termination of charge. It includes equalising that can be manually activated or time based. Previous models manufactured by Schaffler have charged batteries for more than 10 years without a battery failure. The algorithm includes battery temperature control and reduces the charging rate when battery temperature rises about a preselected temperature.

June 2008 – Single Phase Active Front-end Inverter ships

The first single phase active front-end inverter has shipped to Queensland Rail. The new active front-end inverter is a component in a brake compressor system on the Queensland Rail EMU. The development of this 600 Platform product significant as now all Schaffler auxiliary inverters are compatible with 25kV single phase overhead supplies.

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