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Schaffler International specialises in designing and manufacturing power electronic products exclusively for the railway industry. Our designs pay special attention to the rough environments and high operating temperatures experienced by railway products worldwide. Schaffler has presence all over the world supplying equipment to the US, China, Egypt, Thailand and Australia to name a few.

Recent developments have steered Schaffler International product development toward reducing the excessive weight of power electronic equipment with reductions of up to 70% in weight. Our products operate at high switching frequencies which avoids bulky transformers and inductors with efficiencies up to 95%.

Schaffler has a design team of engineers with vast experience in power electronic engineering. We specialise in retrofitting our equipment to existing rolling stock taking particular attention in the need to fit the equipment into existing spaces and to reduce the amount of installation time so that rolling stock can be returned to service as quickly as possible. We customize our range of products to suit customer requirements and work through the design process from concept to production.

We are careful to listen to our customer’s needs so that we can solve their power electronic product challenges. We have a dedicated mechanical engineer who conducts thermal simulations and provides technical 3D drawings to allow the customer to accurately see the end product before entering production.


Schaffler International is an ISO 9001 Accredited company. Our design and manufacturing systems are subject to continual improvement processes and regular independent audits.


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